Clare... Do you hear the freedom bell?


Meet the lovely Clare, formerly cage 51 at Roswell Animal Control. Clare was part of the '9 Just in Time' Gang who was to be out of RAC on Saturday, March 7.

Saturday was a busy day at AC, the City was doing rabies clinics and all of the AC officers were working. Uncaged Paws had a long list of pitties who were overdue and overlooked and in grave danger, and Clare was one of them.

Other rescues were pulling their pets, photographers taking photos and of course potential adopters there to see if a potential pet was there for them plus people looking for their lost pets. Phones ringing and staff working to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible.

Cages assembled, pets loaded and on the road to the transfer point. Everyone took a deep breath and then did inventory. Counting cages and paperwork. Who was left behind?

A quick call to AC confirmed that Clare's paperwork was pulled but she was still sitting in her cage. With the transporter on the road and deadlines to meet for hand-off a new plan was put in place.

AC made the accommodations for Clare to remain until fosters could be lined up. So, today was the appointed day and when her freedom bell rang - Clare was at the door and READY to go.

Clare -- we are happy to have you as the '9 Just in Time'. If you pledged for Clare's freedom please pay your pledge to on Paypal OR just go to the Roswell Rescue website and click DONATE. Follow Clare and her journey to a new life with the Roswell Rescue Network. All PAWsitive, All the Time.