Beware of the Ides of March!

This is a BIG month for Uncaged Paws and it is just beginning! We have been working on a technology solution that would help Roswell Animal Control and those interested parties to see and learn about the pets which are in need of a HOME.

It was a scary thought to many! But today is LAUNCH DAY.

Animal welfare is the place that technology can make HUGE strides with efficient and timely record keeping, engaging marketing of the pets in need and all within a few mouse clicks.

With a customized mobile application we can handle pet intake from a smart phone or tablet. Easy and fast! Take a PAWSome picture and show some personality, click a few drop down boxes for breed, age, color, provide a description of the dog or cat and then SUBMIT and within minutes THAT pet is synched with over 250 pet finder and adoption sites and available to been seen by thousands who just may be looking for THEM.

For the residents of Roswell whose pet has become lost, the goal is to get them back home quickly and safely. For those pets who don't make it back home -- then our goal is finding them a NEW place of safety and love whether it is with new fur-parents, a rescue or a fURster home until the PAWfect one comes along!

So, this March 1 there is nothing to BEWARE about.....just one paw closer to helping these wonderful pets have a second chance at a great life.

These pets truly need YOUR help and support. Keep up to date by sponsoring their journey to home or a freedom ride. Wherever you are - on your phone, your tablet, your desktop -- they are there!

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